A Rolling Stone Gathers no moss

Everyone keeps saying journalism is changing. Most everything about journalism is changing. The focus is on the type of journalism platforms that will be able to sustain and to jump onto their bandwagons before it’s too late.

Everyone keeps talking about change but no one knows exactly how to change or can give solid examples of exactly what change they’re talking about. It’s like when Jesus was coming and all the prophets prophesied about the One and when he finally came, no one recognized him and they even persecuted and crucified him when he arrived. In this case, new journalism is born but it’s still in its infancy stages and hasn’t literally revealed how huge of an impact it will have on the journalism world. But there are those who know and believe it’s going to hit. And when it does, it’s going to be ugly.

Clay Shirky, who I see as the Thomas Jefferson of journalism, said it perfectly in a blog he wrote a year ago.

Well, the future is taking fruition because people like Rupert Murdoch need to continue to make money. Murdoch must move forward. His decision to put up paywalls for certain publications was majorly dissed by Jeff Jarvis in the blogosphere on Friday for trying the pay-up-or-leave model for online content.

What Jarvis said was freeing and also somewhat debilitating for those new to the journalism business. If corporate big dog Murdoch doesn’t know what to do with the future of print news, then who does? On the other hand, there’s relief in knowing everyone’s trying to find the solution and maybe, according to Malcolm Gladwell, we might not have to think too long and hard about it before we try it. Get an idea, throw it out there and let it flop or grow. Right now, imagination and innovation hold the power.

If the blind can fence, journalists can find solutions for the rebirth of profitable news dissemination. If you make money off your idea, that’s great, but becoming rich and famous should be the last thing on a journalist’s to-do list.

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